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Taekni Cloud IAAS: Top Benefits & Advantages of Infrastructure Services



Companies of all sizes and industries should prioritize IT infrastructure management, especially while living in a fast digitalized world. According to Taeknizon‘s research, small businesses are continuing to grow their future IT infrastructure investments, particularly in business management software, social media, data analytics, mobile devices, and cloud computing. This indicates that many organizations, including small and medium-sized ones, are taking advantage of the growth opportunities that technology continues to offer:

Here are several reasons why organizations should not only invest in but also prioritize Taekni Cloud Infrastructure As A Service

  Zero CAPEX investment:

    Detailing capital expenditure plans, Taeknizon acknowledged Zero CAPEX investment. Enjoy absolutely zero upfront costs of        setting up and managing a datacenter

–  Pay as you go model with a predictable cost:

You may quickly ease the Cost burden of managing a physical on-premise IT infrastructure because the providers supply cloud infrastructure. This is especially useful for small-medium-sized businesses that are struggling to cut expenditures.

Furthermore, because Taeknizon provides a pay-as-you-go model, you can redirect your fixed capital to operational expenses. Our providers offer monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription arrangements so you don’t have to make large upfront commitments and can cancel at any time.

–  Uptime & Technical Support:

As a trusted private cloud provider, we guarantee at least 99.97 percent uptime, which can improve employee productivity by reducing downtime. We are capable of working in high-speed networks. During the event, while you face any technical difficulties, we also provide round-the-clock support. For all of your questions, you can reach out to us via phone, chat, or email.

Case Study Reference:  LuLu International Exchange chooses private cloud service provider Taeknizon to transform Its IT infrastructure and critical applications

  Increase Time To Market:

Trying to set up sales offices in the middle of expanding territory benefits a company that is capable of quick reaction times. This allows us to fulfill the growing demands of our clients, handle an influx of online transactions, and provide seamless offline support across several channels.

A vital IT infrastructure is important in assisting organizations in achieving their objectives.

  Data Reliability:

Data reliability is prevalent in IaaS to a large extent. It can recover from the worst-case scenario. It’s because Taekni Cloud IaaS is distributed across multiple hosts. Even if one server fails, the remaining servers can continue to offer the resources without interruption. As the connection to the internet, hardware, or a calamity fails, the infrastructure could still function. As a result, the Taekni Cloud IaaS could quickly recover from disruptions!

*Data Sovereignty: The concept of data sovereignty states that digital data is governed by the laws of the country with which it is processed. Yes, Taeknizon’s Taekni Cloud is hosted in UAE and that’s why it is called the trusted private cloud provider in UAE.

  Productivity in Business:

When a company’s workload grows, managing it becomes challenging without adding more employees. However, there is no need to train new employees in IaaS. It is instead handled by our service provider. The infrastructure is maintained and upgraded by the Taeknizon. As a result, management could concentrate on other aspects of the firm. 

Plus Points to addon!

  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Increased Security
  • Easy transition technologies
  • Perfectly customizable
  • Flexible Licensing options
  • Data collection in real-time

It’s high time to choose your IaaS cloud solution provider now that you have a better understanding of the many benefits of IaaS. Many data needs to be processed and stored as your company expands and your business requirements change, making it tough to manage your data center’s needs. Multiple vendor contracts, procurement lead times, mismanaged expansion with changing user demands, SLA concerns, a lack of labor, insufficient time for strategic components of supporting business goals, and other factors add to the complexity. 

Operate your company infrastructure more efficiently and securely with Taeknizon!

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