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How to enforce restriction or limit the operation of a real-time process or system? For that, we have the process called simulation in place. 

So how does this work?

To control or restrict something, there should be a process in place - for which a model needs to be brought in place. This is where the act of simulation begins. The so-called model would need to possess the fundamental features, patterns and functionalities of the physical or abstract system under discussion. This would be a working model representing the whole system - but the simulation would signify the operations and functionalities of the system in the long run. 

What we do is we will help you to be prepared for real-time scenarios with our simulation solutions and virtual training sessions. We have world-class products and facilities, which will help you to garner the skills and knowledge to be ready for every situation - in an affordable and professional way. 

Taeknizon in collaboration with some of the world’s leading product providers - offers the leading simulation models as provided by the government, military, law enforcement and police across the globe. 

We will deliver practical and realistic training sessions - based on which you can train your team as well. We do not stop there - we constantly upgrade our capabilities - to provide you with the best-in-class practices to help you stay prepared for the future. 

We offer a variety of training scenarios - some of which are focused on skill development while others might be considered to be stress inducers.

Our Solution Include:

Critical Incident Training
Situational Awareness Training
support (1)
Community Policing Training
Police Firearm Training
access (1)
Police Taser Training
Police Baton Training
Judgment Skills Training
De- Escalation Training