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Data center solutions and services

We have been operating in the Middle East since 2012, designing and delivering large-scale and complex IT networking projects. 

Also, we have expertise at installing industry-complaint (TIA/EIA 942), fault tolerant and flexible, network infrastructure solutions for Data Centers and Server Rooms. Our design and project management capabilities are supported by BICSI RCDD qualified consultants and we are familiar with designing and implementing business critical solutions that require intrinsic fault tolerant designs that include flexibility and scalability.

Our Data center Services

Migration and consolidation

As your business grows and evolves, your IT requirements would change. This is bound to impact your data center-related requirements. Regardless of whether you want to consolidate your data center’s assets or migrate IT equipment to a new in-house data center facility, we are your trusted colocation partners.

Facilities Management

It might be a daunting task to run a data center as it would need a high-level of expertise and knowledge to execute it. We have a highly experienced team of professionals who have A to Z expertise across various verticals of data center operations. Taeknizon’s approach will ensure that there is reduced business risk, increased operational efficiency at affordable prices.

Facilities Monitoring

By using a combination of email, SMS and auto dialer alert systems TAEKNIZON can provide monitoring 24/7/365, along with on-site engineers. A vast array of information can be produced by data center environmental monitoring and building management systems. This can range from basic fault conditions on power and cooling infrastructure to full environmental monitoring such as temperature, humidity, access control, energy efficiency and control of set points and systems.

Professional services

Conceptual design includes

  • In-depth stakeholder meetings
  • Detailed site visits - establishing client drivers, requirements and constraints
  • Performance specifications - including plan drawings, 3D conceptual renders of internal and external areas

Technical design includes

  • Specifications to drive your data center build or refit project (conceptual design and performance specification team would be working on technical data center design as well)
  • Documenting technical design in detail
  • Final output - detailed technical design workbook, written design document and a project program

Requirement analysis includes

The requirements analysis process is carried out in-house by design consultants in partnership with the client and all relevant stakeholders. TAEKNIZON understands that determining key factors and gaining a general consensus for any data center design project can be time consuming. However, the outcome is a solid foundation for the next stages of the project.

Auditing and Risk Analysis

Data Centers are mission-critical business assets. Identifying risk-prone areas and addressing them from a cost, operational or risk perspective is the main aim behind an audit or risk analysis. Our data center audit or risk analysis is strategized to incorporate your futuristic needs.

Project Management

Our Project Managers are Project Engineers with accreditations in implementing Data Center infrastructure. From conceptual and technical design sign off, through the submission of planning applications, ordering and delivery of plants, such as generators and UPS, our management process will cover all elements of your projects.

Site Survey

TAEKNIZON provides the client with a comprehensive report, detailing the findings of the site selection assessment, comparing these with project-specific requirements, drivers and constraints. Elements covered include pros and cons of each site; flexibility, risk evaluation, capacity predictions, limitations, estimated build and operational costs, power and connectivity availability.

Feasibility Studies

A Data Center Feasibility study is intended to identify the potential ‘risk and reward’ of any new data center project. TAEKNIZON helps clients to understand potential ROI, risk factors and the impact of change, resulting from any new data center initiative.

Operational Strategy Review

An operational strategy review ensures that all elements of the data center, from the physical infrastructure through to the management team, are working together to achieve optimum performance. TAEKNIZON is experienced in working with clients to align culture, values and business goals to operational data center strategy and management.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is essential for any data center. Wasted capacity means wasted money whatever the size, age or specification of the facility. TAEKNIZON consultants work with clients to identify capacity issues and causes. This enables effective use of space, negates the need to relocate or extend a data center, improves efficiencies and ultimately saves costs.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Implementation Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is a category of solutions which were originally created to extend the traditional data center management function. This was to include all the physical assets and resources found in the facilities and IT domains.