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Design & Architecture

Cyber Security Architecture Design


At Taeknizon, we have an excellent team of experts who are well-experienced at designing security architecture for business-enablement. Our services are strategized in such a way that the business requirements are taken care of while the organizational risk is controlled. The main aim is to deliver a future-proofed service model that drives benefits for your organization. When you engage a security architect at the beginning of a project lifecycle, you will enjoy a number of advantages. We provide a clear road map of the risks that an organization is bound to undergo.

Our benefits

  • Standardized approach to improve interoperability
  • A clear understanding of cloud-based solutions, along with their pros and cons
  • Insights into risk management, benchmarking and best practices - along with other financial, legal and regulatory obligations

We will help you approach the security architecture in a cost-effective manner, helping you reuse the same platform as and when needed. Our experts have a clear idea of the design and its loopholes - taking into

Our expert team of professionals can

  • Provide an independent validation and review of proposed security architectures
  • Understand and map to industry standard methodologies, e.g., SABSA, TOGAF
  • Design and implement Identity and Access Management solutions
  • Deliver Network and Infrastructure designs
  • Deliver Application designs
  • Manage project transitions and systems integrations using traditional or agile approaches
  • Design and deliver Big data and analytics solutions
  • Chair or participate in an organization Technical Design Authority (TDA)
  • Deliver SOC and SIEM Solutions
  • Deliver Gateway and boundary architectures (PSN, etc.)
  • Deliver PCI-DSS compliant solutions
  • Deliver Cryptographic and Cryptographic key management solutions

Network Architecture Design

A network is the foundation for all IT delivered services and must be fit-for-purpose.

We present a unique approach - by providing an end-to-end networking package, delivering the design, deploying and operating functions. This ensures that our design teams are aware of the deployment and operational aspects of the blueprints created, and vice versa.  We have undertaken some of the prestigious projects around the world. 

The Local Area Network and the Wide Area Network are quickly becoming intertwined. As adoption of cloud services increases, application delivery focused on end-user experience must be the primary focus, regardless of complexity, so seamless integration is an essential design principle.

Design and architecture of a network requires a high degree of skill, experience and expertise. Common activities include:

Design and architecture of a network requires a high degree of skill, experience and expertise. Common activities include:

  • Design of LAN, WAN or converged network infrastructure
  • Strategic roadmaps
  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Independent core network design
  • High availability network design - redundancy, resilience, geographical resilience and so on
  • Multi-tenanted environments for managed services, including private cloud, public cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Security

Wireless network infrastructure

Our team of experts have a deep understanding of how wireless networks work and are clear about the wireless network design - which makes it easier for us to deliver client-centric solutions, beating against all odds. 

Our services are perfectly customized to help meet each of your logistic and financial needs. Not only are we cost-effective, we also add value to our services.

How do we work?

We analyze whether wireless networking solutions are an option for the location suggested by you. For this, we conduct onsite installation interviews. From a thorough site inspection, we will have the appropriate number of access points. Our belief is that when there are only a few access points, it often leads to poor system performance, but having too many would not be a viable solution for you. Next, we present our inferences to the client so that they have a clear picture of the wireless network prior to its setup. 

The on-site survey that we conduct would help us to troubleshoot any problem within the existing wireless networks. This would also help us to understand about the areas where the wireless network is bound to fail. 

We will provide you with the world's leading installation services for your wireless devices.