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Office in a box

The currently prevailing COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a wave of revolution across the globe. Most companies are opting to bless their employees with remote-working opportunities - in lieu of the social-distancing policies - to help stop the spread of the virus through any form of contact.

As remote-working opportunities are offering relief in trying and challenging times as this - many companies are embracing it as a long-term solution as they have already started to see the bright side. It does promote a healthy and positive working environment - with more number of employees working from home - there has been an increase in productivity. As the saying goes, “Happier the employee, more the productivity.”

Another plus side of remote working is that it helps companies to reduce the costs spent on infrastructure and other related resources. 

But the major focus would be reduction in absenteeism and happier employees - which is why more companies are ready to promote work from home and we expect an increase in this culture over time.

Introducing Office in a Box

We constantly strive to add value to our clients, their businesses - thereby enhancing the overall quality of their livelihood. Our Office-in-a-box solution is set up to work for businesses of all kinds - small, medium and big - supporting a full suite of enterprise-class IT products and services. This comes with no upfront costs or equipment to be installed - but all you have to set aside would be a small monthly fee. 

With our all-in-one ‘office in a box’, you have access to a cloud-based solution, combining secure internet, IaaS, BaaS, SaaS, Wireless and Security. This one box - from a single company - issuing one invoice - solution comes with round-the-clock assistance and support as and when needed. 

Our box would be a perfectly customized solution for companies of any size - regardless of your organization being start-up or multi-tier. While your employees enjoy the experience of working from home - with guaranteed uninterrupted communication - while all you’d have to pay is for what you use. 

At Taeknizon, we have set our plans at cost-effective costs where you only pay for what you use and you’ll get all that you need. Based on your business and its needs, and your budget, you can choose from our customized suite of boxes. Also, in future, if you plan to upgrade your box, we can help you with a premium plan or any other plan that meets your needs. 

You’ll always receive unending assistance and support from our team of experts at any time - this is how we bring value to your business, upgrading your employees’ lives - which gives them happiness - ultimately improving productivity.

Our benefits

  • In just a few steps - you’re ready to go

With zero upfront costs, you’ve your workstation, phone and email configured - taking you to the next step - where you can start working with no hassles.

  • Any device, any time, anywhere

You can choose a device of your choice - desktop, tablet, laptop, or phone - and operating system of your choice - Windows, Android, MAC - and connect from anywhere around the world.

  • 100% Protection guaranteed

We ensure that all your information is safe and secure - stored on an enterprise-grade hardware - managed from a highly redundant and secure data colocation facility.

  • Make changes as per your requirements

Our box is a highly scalable solution - which makes it easier for you to add or remove employees as per your requirements. When you’ve to fill in more employees, you can add them and whenever you have reduced requirements, you can remove them - this would help you on the cost front and drive growth.

  • Performance

You need carry no doubt regarding the performance factor - as your desktop would be powered by Taeknizon’s cloud server infrastructure.

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