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IoT, Robotics & AI

Connecting hundreds or thousands of devices and having them communicate with each other, through higher-level systems, and on the cloud would be challenging without an intermediary — the IoT gateway — to manage the various connection and communication protocols.

An IoT gateway is a hardware device that “sits” between IoT-enabled devices and the cloud, and it facilitates communications between them - such as MES (manufacturing execution systems) or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) — on a local intranet.

IoT-enabled devices and systems use a variety of communication protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/LE, and ZigBee — depending on the device, purpose, and environment. Besides, it also encrypts, processes, filters, updates, and manipulates data before sending it from a device to the higher-level system.

Similarly, IoT gateways that can perform advanced functions — such as filtering, manipulating, and processing data — are sometimes referred to as “edge gateways” or “intelligent gateways.” Edge devices can also send data or commands directly to other devices for immediate action.

How do our gateway patterns help?

  • Analytics at the edge –Find and react to insights locally and only send a subset of data to IoT Hub.
  • Downstream device isolation – The gateway device can shield all downstream devices from exposure to the internet. 
  • Connection multiplexing - All devices connecting to IoT Hub through an IoT edge gateway use the same underlying connection.
  • Traffic smoothing - The IoT Edge device will automatically implement exponential backoff if IoT Hub throttles traffic, while persisting the messages locally.
  • Offline support - The gateway device stores messages and twin updates that cannot be delivered to IoT Hub.

IoT Solution and Cloud Gateway: Monitor, Track, Manage and Control your asset

Taeknizon has partnered with one of the leading service providers to customize IoT Solutions, intended to help you track and monitor mobile and fixed assets anywhere at any time. The platform gives you complete, real-time insight on your asset activity.

IoT Security

IoT comes with a range of protective layers - which serves the purpose of cyber security. The main intent to have these layers is to ensure high level protection - though one layer might be passed over by a cybercriminal - the other layers still stand strong to safeguard against damages. 

If you are looking for a complex environment to establish and deploy best-in-class security solutions, then we have it covered. We help build security from the ground up - embedding in-built flexibility to meet futuristic needs and updates - in your security design. Our team of experts will help you with this digital transformation easily.  They very well know the appropriate security solution for every business’s needs. 
Achieving these goals requires a thorough understanding of security best practices. Companies with a long history of cybersecurity implementation, as well as dedicated teams addressing design and approach, will undoubtedly already be familiar with the requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world for the better. It is revolutionizing countless industry domains. As companies leverage the appropriate machine learning platform architecture, AI is becoming an inseparable part of our everyday lives. 

At Taeknizon, our cloud data platform is designed to provide the essential support to implement machine learning and AI-driven data science applications. This helps our clients to prepare data and build ML models easily. You can now focus on AI initiatives rather than worrying about the expenses or complex integrations.