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Integrating Data in the Taekni Cloud For Better Care!



A business team is better prepared to achieve its company goals when all team members have access to the data that each member manages. However, it is significantly easier said than done to implement the idea of giving everyone on the team access to all relevant data. You must first gather all the data from different platforms, some of which may be field-operated laptops, smartphones, and on-site servers and PCs. Additionally, the data could well be kept in private clouds.

Let’s dive into detail by knowing what is Cloud Integration and why Taeknizon is right for data integration.

What is Cloud Data Integration?

The process of integrating cloud data entails combining data from various systems, whether they be internal to the cloud, between public and private clouds, or between the cloud as well as on systems. The objective is to build unified data stores that all applicable applications and users can access quickly and transparently.

Within providers of public clouds and private cloud platforms, there are established tools for data integration. When businesses need to combine different public clouds, create hybrid cloud environments, combine legacy on-premise systems with cloud workloads, or lift and shift legacy workloads into the cloud, the biggest challenge arises.

Integration of cloud data can be difficult without automation and centralized management. Multiple integrations must be manually set up, tested, and verified to ensure data is being transferred successfully. Additionally, they must convert or transform the data to fit the file format, data structure, or data model that various cloud systems require. To make cloud integration quicker, simpler, and less error-prone, many organizations use Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS), which come with ready-made adaptors or connectors for many IT systems.

Why Taeknizon for Integrating Data in the Cloud For Better Care?

Due to concerns about security, healthcare organizations were initially hesitant to move to the cloud. A growing number of businesses are moving to the cloud because of its advantages, including increased security. Cloud computing satisfies many of healthcare organizations’ requirements, even in terms of compliance requirements. Bringing disparate data together constitutes a particular requirement for healthcare companies. Companies in the healthcare industry have a tonne of data, as you might expect. But that information is frequently dispersed among numerous legacy systems. Inherently, legacy systems are frequently challenging to keep up with modernization. The data cannot be linked to other data that is stored in other systems as a result. Healthcare organizations are consequently unable to make the best use of their data. Patients may feel the effects of this. The patients were unable to easily access their own data as they would have preferred.

Accurately this data problem was troubling our client, a sizable healthcare facility. To produce useful information, they needed to be able to combine their data. And in order to accomplish this, they wanted to modernize their systems and integrate them with the cloud. After that, the client could access its genetic, clinical, claims, family, and environmental data for a comprehensive patient view.

Taeknizon will provide a perfect platform for large-scale data analytics, data visualization, and data distribution by utilizing the Google Cloud Platform. The healthcare facility’s data scientists and clinical decision-makers now have access to a wider range of analytical tools inside the cloud. Data preparation time was cut in half as a result. Additionally, operating costs were cut by 50%, while security and productivity were improved. We are experts in many different technology services, such as End to End Multi-cloud solutions, Data Management, Data Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cybersecurity, Colocation, Office in a Box, etc. We can support both internal and external business operations for our clients, allowing them to deliver customer-centric solutions with ease.

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