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Why is it better to choose
Private Cloud over Public Cloud?


Cloud computing’s reliability, flexibility, quick provisioning, virtualized resources, and storage have proven valuable to businesses that are completely reliant on IT to achieve their objectives. Cloud service providers provide both private and public cloud models, but an organization considering using a cloud service must first carefully consider the benefits of both private cloud and public cloud.

Cloud service companies make hosted services available on the internet as public clouds. Public clouds are typically preferred by organizations that use web servers or application platforms with poor security and compliance standards.

You, like any other organization today, small or large, are responsible for a vast amount of data and applications. In every business, the scale of IT infrastructures continues to rise in tandem with the rising digitalization of all company activities. This harsh reality implies that you must run all of your applications and save all of the data somewhere.

Talking about your alternatives?

  • You can use public cloud services (such as those provided by Google or Amazon) or private cloud services like Taeknizon.
  • A hybrid cloud is a third option that combines the two previously described solutions.


Understandings of Public Cloud & Private Cloud Services

Organizations that place a high value on security, compliance, and data protection use private clouds. Private clouds are implemented within firewalls and provide the business with strong IT security. The private cloud can be implemented in-house if the firm already has a data center infrastructure.

Public Cloud:

  • Data and infrastructure are not under the client’s control. 
  • Data privacy and integrity are concerns.
  • The service provider strictly enforces the service level regulations and compliances.
  • The cloud services provider looks after the hardware and networks. 
  • Internal IT workers are not responsible for infrastructure maintenance.
  • Complaints may feel difficult

The public cloud is not available in every location.

Private Cloud:

  • A dedicated infrastructure offered to a single business or client is known as private cloud infrastructure, here Taeknizon (Taekni Cloud) is providing the best cloud infrastructure to the clients.
  • As per the management, Improved data, user, and information asset controls.
  • In the case of Security, a single customer owns the cloud. As a result, the Taekni Cloud infrastructure & systems can be set up to provide maximum security.
  • When it comes to superior performance, Private clouds are typically deployed within the intranet’s firewall, ensuring efficiency and good network performance.
  • The company can easily customize the hardware and other resources.
  • In private clouds, compliance is simple.
  • The Taekni cloud is available in all parts of the world. 
  • Furthermore, if your company has multiple locations around the world, the compliance standards may differ significantly.

Doesn’t a private cloud like Taeknizon sound like a decent solution in these situations?


Why not a “Private Cloud” then?

A private cloud is a good contender if performance, privacy, and control are the most crucial elements for your project. The private cloud, we trust, is here to stay because it provides so many benefits to so many different sorts of organizations & businesses. You should recognize how a private cloud is the correct infrastructure solution for your firm at this time. 

Any application or service, including websites, web application backends, virtual desktop infrastructure, big data, machine learning applications, and databases, can be run on private clouds. 

The advantages of bare metal dedicated servers and a public cloud platform are combined in a private cloud. The underlying resources are completely at the discretion of a single client, just like on a bare metal server. Organizations may quickly develop and scale virtual servers, much like a cloud platform.

They’re ideal for businesses with a variety of infrastructure requirements that they’d rather run on single-tenant hardware. 

Check out how Taeknizon stands separately from other cloud services!

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